Our request

The indigenous peoples’ organizations are demanding compensation for the damage caused to their ancestral lands and the impact on their livelihoods of the Casino group’s lack of vigilance. Indeed, they see their lands destroyed and illegally occupied by farmers, depriving them of their means of subsistence at the same time.

Therefore, the coalition of associations asks the Casino group to respect its legal obligations by taking the necessary measures to exclude all deforested beef from its supply chain.

In particular, it asks Casino to:
  • To establish a mapping presenting, analyzing and prioritizing the risks of serious harm resulting from the supply of beef to Casino’s subsidiaries in South America, particularly in Brazil and Colombia, regularly updated to take into account the practices observed in the beef chain since the first stage of beef production (thus associating all indirect farms including so-called “cattle laundering” practices with direct farms)
  • Adopt measures to assess the situation of suppliers and appropriate actions to mitigate risksand prevent serious harm, so as to exclude all beef sourced from farms (supply areas and/or direct and indirect suppliers) that have contributed to deforestation or ecosystem conversion (as defined by theAccountability Framework Initiative), have used forced labor or degrading working conditions or have violated the rights of indigenous populations, in particular by implementing full traceability of all its direct and indirect suppliers in its supply chains.

  • To publicly and regularly evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of vigilance measures, based on indicators of means and results, with the involvement of external stakeholders. Providing an annual list of all its suppliers of meat products.