Casino Case
May 31, 2022

The links between Groupe Casino's meat sourcing, deforestation and violations of the rights of indigenous Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau peoples in the Brazilian Amazon.
Steak in the supermarket, Forest on the ground
February 2021

This report demonstrates that Brazil's three largest supermarket chains - Pão de Açúcar, Carrefour and Grupo Big - sold beef from mega-farms that illegally cleared thousands of hectares of forest.
Deforestation Fronts

This report presents the fronts of deforestation in the world and their causes and offers answers to change things.
“Tainted beef”

This report reveals how beef sold in Colombian supermarkets is fueling illegal deforestation in protected Amazon forests and contributing to financing armed groups.
Beef, bank and brazilian amazon
December 2020

Global Witness
This investigation reveals that ranchers, international financiers and supermarkets are destroying or complicit in the destruction of the Amazon, with flawed audits undertaken by US and European auditors.
Brazil: From forest to farmland
July 2020

Amnesty International
This report documents recent land seizures for illegal commercial cattle ranching in protected areas of the Brazilian Amazon and their adverse human rights impacts, including links to JBS's supply chain.
Casino Eco-responsible for Deforestation
June 2020

Envol Vert
This investigation highlights evidence of recent deforestation and land grabbing practices by farms supplying the Casino Group with meat in Brazil. This survey was conducted using samples of meat products sold in several group supermarkets, the origin of which could be traced.
Complicity in Destruction II

Amazon watch
Report how northern consumers and financers enable Bolsonaro´s assault on the Brazilian Amazon.
Cattle-driven Deforestation: A Major Risk to Brazilian Retailers
September 2018

This report describes the cattle sector in Brazil, and how the supply chain relationships of the top five retailers and meatpackers with amazonian plants expose the Brazilian retail sector to material risk from sourcing unsustainable beef.
Will meat packing plants help halt deforestation in Amazon?

Seven years after the first zero deforestation agreement, we demonstrate that the agreements have advanced, but many still need to be done in order for the sector to effectively contribute towards eliminating deforestation in the Amazon.